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AXIS A8105-E

AXIS Intercoms
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AXIS A8105-E Product Shot

HDTV 1080p SIP Video Door Station

AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station is a full-fledged security camera, a powerful communication device, and a convenient door opener in one single device. A natural complement to your surveillance solution, it helps you secure your premises with reliable, around-the-clock identification.


Small & Convenient

Measuring only 48mm across, AXIS A8105-E fits where you want it to go – on walls, doorframes & mullions. A flush mounting accessory enables recessed mounting in walls. AXIS A8105-E also features AXIS’ Digital Corridor Format, which makes it easy to adjust the viewing area to the location and increase the vertical area of view. Factory focus & support for power over ethernet (PoE) make installation fast & flexible.

Keep Your Premises Secure

With AXIS A8105-E you get clear communication, high-quality video surveillance, and convenient remote entry control all in a single unit. You can see, talk to, identify & then open the door to visitors directly or remotely from wherever you are. You can use your mobile, IP phone or Video Management System (VMS) to do it.

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