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Fixed Dome 8.3MP Camera

The single smooth & cohesive video stream from four sensors is what really sets AXIS P3807-PVE apart. Plus, Forensic WDR delivers clarity when there are both dark & light areas in a scene. AXIS Zipstream technology reduces storage & bandwidth needs while capturing important details in full image quality. And Lightfinder ensures sharp, color images in low light.


Get The Wide View

AXIS P3807-PVE is perfect when you need to see the whole picture. You get 180° horizontal coverage & 90° vertical coverage. Or you can choose to use AXIS T94V01C Dual Camera Mount to mount two AXIS P3807-PVE cameras back-to-back & get a complete 360° overview. AXIS P3807-PVE lets you easily follow people & objects over great distances.

Keep Costs Down

AXIS P3807-PVE acts as a single camera in your video management software (VMS), allowing you to combine four images into one & apply analytics across the entire image. You also save time on installation, need less cabling & pay for only a single license. In addition AXIS P3807-PVE gives you a wide variety of mounting options – recessed, flush, pendant or even back-to-back. It has four pre-set, adjustable positions for fast & easy mounting on walls, ceiling or in a corridor. And it comes with a weathershield for protection against snow & rain & to prevent reflections.

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