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What are common alarm & system events and how are they actioned?

Alarm activation – on receipt of an alarm the operator will follow your nominated Alarm Response Plan. Bypass / Trouble (Isolation) – one or more of the detection devices hasn’t switched on when the system was armed. Common causes include doors and or roller...

How do I request an alarm activity report?

Send an email to controlroom@virgosecurity.com.au with the following information: start date, finish date etc. Requests for history more than 3 months may take 24-48 hours to produce. Charges may also apply.

What happens if we trigger our duress alarm?

A duress alarm isn’t a Hold Up Alarm and isn’t reported to police on activation. If you require a Hold Up Alarm please read the FAQ What Happens if we trigger our hold up alarm?

What happens if we trigger our hold-up alarm?

Any request for a designated hold up alarm service must comply with the National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines. Section 5, Alarm Categories & Responses, defines a Hold Up Alarm received from a business as a Category A alarm if it meets the following...

Why is there a charge for ‘additional areas’?

A small additional charge applies per separately monitored ‘additional area’ (see the What is an area? FAQ). Each ‘additional area’ requires the same amount of work as a separately monitored system.