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What is SALTO KS?

SALTO KS is a comprehensive, cloud-based access solution providing real-time, scalable, and flexible access control for businesses of all sizes. Renowned for its reliability and stability, it surpasses traditional mechanical key access solutions in functionality and performance. Powered by SALTO wireless smart locks and an IQ device, this solution requires no software installation and offers remote management capabilities. With complete control via a web or mobile app, users can track events, unlock remotely, and manage all locks, users, and locations from a single place. The cloud-based nature of SALTO KS ensures seamless scalability with your business, eliminating extra costs for rewiring. It provides higher security levels, flexibility, interoperability, and cost-efficiency. The system’s real-time updates allow for remote monitoring of every access point, delivering superior control and flexibility. Its analytical capability enables tracking who goes where and when, with notifications for specific events. In case of lost or stolen tags, the system allows instant blocking and reassigning from any device. With SALTO KS, access rights can be collected on a single smart RFID tag, and locks can be opened remotely. It provides a fast and secure way to integrate your access control system with other software platforms and connect with existing building applications, thus streamlining operations and scaling globally.



The SALTO IQ 2.0 uses various networks for real-time cloud communication and secure interaction with SALTO KS access points. It supports firmware updates, can manage 16 doors per unit and allows solar power use.

SALTO Neoxx Padlock G4

SALTO Neoxx Padlock - G4

The SALTO Neoxx Padlock G4 offers Grade 4 resistance, SALTO KS cloud-based access, anti-drill features, weighs 1065g, and has 130,000-operations per battery.

SALTO Neoxx Padlock G3

SALTO Neoxx Padlock - G3

The SALTO Neoxx G3 is a water-resistant electronic padlock providing keyless operation and secure data protection. It supports 130,000 operations per battery set, weighs 515g, and multiple shackle sizes.

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