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Security Systems

Security Systems detect & bring immediate attention to unauthorised entry to your home, business or other indoor or outdoor areas. We design and install security systems for homes and businesses, with systems from manufacturing partners Bosch and Inner Range.

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Security Systems

Management Software

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Home & Business Security Systems

We have a wide range of Standalone, Interactive, Integrated, Class 5 Encrypted, Hard Wired & Wireless Security Systems, Management Software, Training and Custom Solutions.

Inner Range

Inception, Integriti and Infiniti

Inner Range systems provide a powerful and effective tool set for managing the security of your organisation/business.

Bosch Security

Invented For Life

Bosch Security Systems for Businesses are designed to integrate with access control, fire, building automation, IP video & more.


Security System Management Software

Take control of your system from your desktop or laptop. No need to stand in front of a keypad programming new users & user rights.

Integriti Corporate

Integriti Corporate installation & support. Corporate is fully featured enterprise-grade software that unlocks Integriti’s full potential.

Integriti Business

Integriti Business V21 installation & support. For businesses who use Integriti daily. CCTV integration starting point.

Integriti Professional

Integriti Professional V21 provides management of multiple Integriti controllers & unlimited connections for Integriti Mobile.

Integriti Express

Integriti Express V21 installation & support. Provides basic administration of a single controller with 16 doors.

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