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Grade A1 Monitoring Centre

No Third Party Monitoring. We own & operate our own Grade A1 Monitoring Centre – Australian Standards highest rating.

ISO Certified

We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management, 45001:2018 for OH&S and 14001:2018 for Environmental Management.

Inner Range Certified

When a customer engages with a provider who employs Inner Range Certified Technicians they’re assured that they’re receiving best in class support. A certified integrator will be able to plan, install & commission a system quickly and effeciently which saves the customer money and time. Due to the Inner Range recertification process a certified technician will be able to provide the most up to date advice so that the end-user can get the most out of their Inner Range system. 

AXIS Gold Partner

AXIS Gold Partners are able to obtain prioritised technical support, which helps us provide highly customised and reliable solutions for our customers, and also have access to the resources of the AXIS Partner Network which includes software developers, technology vendors and consultants. AXIS Gold Partners also provide system design and engineering support.

NSW Government Approved Supplier

Virgo Security is a NSW Government Approved Supplier under Scheme 0020 for ICT Services and Scheme 0256 for General Construction works valued up to $1 million.

Genetec Unified Elite Partner

Virgo Security is a Genetec Unified Elite Partner which provides us with fast track support for advanced troubleshooting, direct from within Genetec, when we need to provide the highest level of support for our customers.

Virgo Security

Virgo Security 4/30 Sydney Road, Mudgee NSW 2850