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AXIS Q61 Series

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The new Sharpdome technology included AXIS Q61 Series provides full scene fidelity & sharp images in all directions – above as well as below the horizon. These compact PTZ cameras are suitable for indoor & outdoor installations, in low light & challenging conditions, making them ideal for a range of applications such as shopping malls, open parking areas & stadiums as well as city & perimeter surveillance.


AXIS’ Sharpdome offers innovative mechanics that make the entire dome rotate, in contrast to a conventional dome where the camera rotates inside the dome. The mechanics together with the unique design of the outdoor dome enable the same optimal image sharpness & full scene fidelity in all pan & tilt positions. This enables clear identification of objects as much as 20° above the camera horizon making these cameras suitable for uneven terrain.


The Sharpdome technology includes AXIS’ unique Speed Dry function that helps to provide sharp images in rainy weather. With Speed Dry function activated, the dome vibrates at high speed, breaking surface tension of the water & removes the drips.


AXIS Q61 cameras support WDR (up to 130dB) with ‘dynamic capture’ which is ideal for surveillance in areas with strong variations in light. It enables easy & clear identification of people & objects in both bright & dark areas eg. in scenes such as large windows & entrances with strong backlight.

AXIS Q6100-E Network Camera

AXIS Q6100-E

AXIS Q6100-E PTZ Camera is a multidirectional camera offering 20MP resolution & 360° overview for total situational awareness.

AXIS Q6125-LE Network Camera


AXIS Q6125-LE 1080p Day/Night High-Speed PTZ with 30x Zoom & built-in Infrared LEDs and OptimizedIR.

AXIS Q6154-E High Speed PTZ Network Camera

AXIS Q6128-E

AXIS Q6128-E 4K Outdoor Day/Night PTZ with 12x Zoom & 700°/s Pan also features AXIS’ Speed Dry function.

AXIS Q6154-E High Speed PTZ Network Camera

AXIS Q6154-E

AXIS Q6154-E 720p with 30x Zoom features a built-in laser that provides instant focus in challenging lighting conditions.

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