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AXIS P12 Series

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AXIS P1214

AXIS P1214 Network Camera is a mini pinhole HDTV 720p camera for exceptionally discreet indoor surveillance.


AXIS P1214-E

AXIS P1214-E is a 720p Outdoor Pinhole Camera ideal for capturing subjects at close range.

Genetec Streamvault SVR-300A

AXIS P1224-E

AXIS P1224-E720p Indoor/Outdoor Pinhole Network Camera with 145° Field of View.

AXIS P1244

AXIS P1244 Indoor Pinhole Modular Camera with 720p performance & 102° Field of View.


AXIS P1245

AXIS P1245 Indoor Pinhole Modular Camera with 1080p performance & 111° Field of View.

Genetec Streamvault SVR-300A

AXIS P1254

AXIS P1254 720p Mini Bullet Network Camera with 111° Field of View.

AXIS P1264

AXIS P1264 is a cost-effective & extremely discreet pinhole camera with 720p performance.


AXIS P1265

AXIS P1265 is a cost-effective & extremely discreet pinhole camera with 1080p performance.

Genetec Streamvault SVR-300A

AXIS P1275

AXIS P1275 is a palm-sized 1080p dome network camera that’s designed for surface mounting.

AXIS P1280-E Network Camera

AXIS P1280-E

AXIS P1280-E is a Mini Thermal Network Camera with built-in AXIS Guard Suite analytics.

AXIS P1290-E Network Camera

AXIS P1290-E

AXIS P1290-E is a Fixed Dome Thermal Network Camera with built-in AXIS Guard Suite analytics.

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