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AXIS IP Speakers

Complete Audio Systems in a Single Unit for Voice Messages

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AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge

AXIS C8033

AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge is a smart and easy solution that connects and combines analog and network audio systems.

AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier

AXIS C8210

AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier is a compact and smart migration tool that transforms any passive speaker into a network speaker with all the benefits of network audio.

AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker

AXIS C1004-E

AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker makes audio announcements smart and easy.

AXIS C3003 Network Speaker

AXIS C1310-E

AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker is perfect for outdoor environments. It allows users to remotely warn off intruders.

AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker

AXIS C1410

Deter unwanted activity and warn off bad actors detected by your cameras with AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker.

AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker

AXIS C2005

AXIS C2005 allows users to remotely warn off intruders before they commit a crime, to deliver instructions during an emergency or to make general voice messages.

AXIS D4100-E Network Strobe Siren

AXIS D4100-E

AXIS D4100-E is a fully networked strobe siren for numerous applications. Deter intruders & improve operational efficiency.

AXIS Audio Manager Edge


AXIS Audio Manager Edge is a software management system for up to 200 speakers in up to 20 zones.

AXIS Audio Manager Pro


AXIS Audio Manager Pro is the perfect choice for larger sites (up to 5000 speakers and 100 zones) and more advanced audio installations.

AXIS Audio Manager Pro C7050 MK II


AXIS Audio Manager Pro C7050 Mk II is a complete audio management package that includes both hardware and software.

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