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Inner Range Integriti

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Inner Range Integriti

Inner Range Integriti System Design & Integration

The IP-connected Integriti Access Control & Security System is abundantly expandable. Providing options from a single site through to an enterprise scale security system with large numbers of users, doors & events, spread across multiple sites.

Integriti can also be integrated with third party software & hardware systems including HR databases, Windows Active Directory, CCTV systems, lift systems, lighting, HVAC, fire & BMS systems.

Choose an Inner Range Integriti Certified Partner

 Virgo Security has installed 500+ Integriti Systems and manages the Integriti infrastructure of some of Australia’s largest organisations.

Every Virgo Security Integriti project is designed and installed by our own Integriti Certified & Advanced Certified Technicians.

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Inner Range Integriti Features

32 Separately Partitional Areas
8 Inner Range SIFER Card Readers (256 with expansion modules)
10,000 Event database
Simple management of all your access control & security administration at a single
site, or centrally manage multiple locations - all directly from your desk
Unprecedented scale & flexibility for user access permissions
Unrivalled end user software simplicity with revolutionary access
control administration
iOS & Android apps for remote monitoring & control
Gigabytes of memory ensure complete system functionality
even if the system is offline
Enterprise access control functionality provides for 1000s of
controllers, 1000s of doors & 1000s of zones

Optional Integriti Features

Elevator Management HLI including protocols for KONE, OTIS & ThyssenKrupp
Building Management System HLI allows Integriti to connect to a 3rd party BMS via TCP/IP
Mobile Controller Interface allows for up to 5 concurrent user connections from iOS & Android devices

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