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Video Verification

Know if an Alarm is False or Real in seconds


The most common form of video monitoring is Video Verification. When we receive an alarm from your security system, triggered by either a camera’s motion detection or a security sensor (i.e. the camera that corresponds with the sensor that activated) our Video Monitoring Centre (VMC) receives recorded and live video for us to review.

Our VMC Team analyse the video to determine if the cause of the alarm is:

  • Real and take action in accordance with a response plan; or
  • False and caused by a faulty detector, over sensitive video motion detection setting, animal or insect, wind or rain – the causes are endless

Quickly verify if an alarm is false or real

Detects intruders more effectively and reliably

Reduce false alarms caused by faulty detectors, animals & insects, wind and rain

Reduce costs by stopping security staff from responding to false alarms

Improve OH&S compliance – by stopping staff being woken by calls about false alarms

Use your existing IP cameras, network video recorder or VMS to provide service

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