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IOS & Android Apps for CCTV

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VIVOCloud Mobile App


Vivotek’s VivoCloud app keeps an eye on the things you value & pushes alerts to your mobile device wherever you are.

Nx Witness Mobile App

Nx Witness

Nx Witness Mobile is a low-latency, user-friendly mobile app that allows users to stream, record, search, & control IP cameras.

AXIS Camera Station Mobile App

AXIS Camera Station

AXIS Camera Station App allows users to keep up with events from the surveillance site even from other locations.

Integriti Mobile

AXIS Companion

AXIS Companion is a professional video surveillance solution designed for businesses needing basic monitoring of their premises, people and assets.

Genetec Security Center Logo

Genetec Security Center

Security teams can monitor video surveillance events & access control systems remotely using the Genetec Security Center Mobile app.

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