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NX Witness

Video Management System
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Nx Witness Server

Nx Witness is an open source video management system with 5 key components, including: Nx Server, Nx Desktop, Nx Cloud, Nx Mobile & fully open set of developer tools.

The Nx Server application is a lightweight, powerful media server responsible for discovering, connecting to, and managing Nx Witness system devices and data.

Nx Witness is also integrated with Inner Range’s Integriti & Infiniti security systems for synchronisation of alarm and video events.

NX Witness

Device Auto-Discovery
Automatically discover 99% of IP cameras on the market today as well as compatible IoT devices.
Manually Add Streams
Add any RTSP, HTTP, or UDP stream from any device (IP camera, drone, etc) or 3rd party system (DVR, NVR, etc).
Server Hive Architecture
Synchronizes user and configuration data in real-time ensuring no single point of failure in any size system.
Store Anywhere
Capture and store video pretty much anywhere – local HDDs, SD cards, NAS / SAN / iSCSI and more.
Web Admin Interface
View cameras, check up on things, connect to cloud, or download API and SDK documentation.
Event Rules Engine
An IFTT Events Rules Engine that lets operators configure simple or advanced rules to automate system reactions.
Failover on Storage Failure
Automatic Camera Failover will now be activated when all storage on a Server has failed.
Encrypted Connections
Administrators can now require all connections in a System to utilize HTTPS with SSL/TLS encryption.
Encrypted Video
Administrators can now encrypt video between Servers and Nx Desktop / Mobile / Web clients.
Incredibly Lightweight
Small, compact, powerful, and can run on anything from a Raspberry Pi to orchestrated virtual environments.
Built-in desktop notifications, push notifications, email, 3rd party systems (e.g. SMS) using HTTP actions.
Built-in Database
The Nx Witness Server application includes the SQLite Database – with no need for prerequisite technologies.
Metadata SDK
Develop Plugins to integrate Nx Witness VMS and 3rd party AI-powered video analytics like Nirovision
Storage SDK
A C++ SDK for integrating with non-standard storage devices like Veracity Coldstore and/or cloud technologies.
Video Source SDK
A C++ SDK for integrating 3rd party video devices, including NVRs, DVRs, IoT devices and Audio Video equipment.
Supports all major video codecs inluding H.265, H.264, MJPEG, RTSP, MJPEG, WebM, and HLS.
Transcoded streams for Mobile and Web clients. Also available to pull via Server API to 3rd party interfaces.
Server API
A comprehensively documented HTTP API that allows instant and seamless integrations with Nx Witness VMS.

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