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Have valuable Concept 4000 assets that are no longer supported?

You’d have heard of Inner Range’s Concept 4000 end of life announcement which was made in November 2018. In it they stated that:

  • the system architecture was over 2 decades old
  • that it would be available until 2 April 2019
  • that Concept controllers, other Concept hardware modules & Insight software would all be end of life on 2 April 2019 – but that they would have technical support for 5 years (including repairs)

How can we help migrate your Concept 4000 to the Integriti platform?

Virgo Security manages some of the largest Integriti deployments in Mudgee & the Mid-West. Our expertise combined with Inner Range’s in-house Integriti migration service is for customers with valuable Concept assets who want to migrate their Concept controller database to an Integriti controller database.

What gets migrated?

Everything that is programmed in the Concept Controller including:

  • Modules
  • Inputs
  • Auxiliary’s
  • Areas
  • Doors
  • Readers including Intelligent Readers
  • Lifts
  • Process Groups
  • Menu Groups
  • Access Groups
  • Area Lists
  • Door Lists
  • Lift Car Lists
  • Floor Lists
  • Time Zones including Time zone functions
  • Local or Virtual Users & Cards including Extra Area & Extra Door
  • User Types or Virtual User Types
  • Calculated Aux’s
  • Function Zones
  • Home Aux’s

What doesn’t get migrated?

Anything that isn’t programmed in the Concept Controller for example:

  • CCTV Camera integration
  • Advanced Reports
  • Schematic Maps
  • Operators & Operator Types
  • Tag board
  • Alarm Handler
  • Historic Review Events

Call us on (02) 6372 9047 or email sales@virgosecurity.com.au to learn more.